Buying a new oven for your kitchen or planning an expansion of your serving line is so much more than just placing an order and receiving a shipment. 1st Choice Restaurant Equipment & Supply, LLC is your partner from concept to completion. We have the knowledge and experience needed to provide every service necessary to complete your project. We are a full-service supplier that can provide a complete kitchen built from the ground up, or simply provide you with new pots and pans. From upgrading equipment to planning for a new kitchen these are a few of the actions that may be required:

• Budget Planning

• Site Survey

• Value Engineering

• Electrical / Plumbing / Utility upgrades

• Facility Repairs

• Code Compliance

• Construction Documentation

• After Sales Support

Continue reading to learn more about the specific services we are proud to provide.

Consulting & Kitchen Design
Our team of equipment specialist has the experience to help make your dream a reality. Let us help develop your new concept, launch a new location or renovate an old space. We work with hundreds of manufacturers and can design your kitchen to be beautiful and efficient. We work side by side with you to develop your concept, find the right equipment to prepare your menu, and find long lasting solutions to keep your business running smoothly. Our design build team is ready for your new project [Learn More]

New Construction
New construction projects can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Time delays and changes occur without warning. Our purchasing team works directly with your project manager or general contractor to coordinate delivery times to meet your demanding schedule. When a design change is necessary after a project starts we have access to hundreds of suppliers to find the right solution and keep your project on track.

Renovations & Expansions
Nothing can be more time sensitive then renovating or expanding a working kitchen. 1st Choice Restaurant Equipment & Supply, LLC. has the experience to maintain the time schedule needed to keep you working. Our suppliers understand the critical nature of your business, our contractors can accommodate the most demanding schedules, and our equipment specialists will be with you every step of the way.

Replacement Equipment
Equipment failure can strain the ability of your kitchen. Our staff are experts in multiple industries and are available to help you make the best decisions before making a purchase. We are equipment experts. We have the experience gained through hundreds of projects to help keep you running today and ensure you make the right purchase for the future.

While you may be comfortable installing a new microwave, are you ready to install an ice maker or a new garbage disposal. Providing the equipment without proper delivery and installation is useless. Our staff is here to handle every detail of your installation. Whether your project involves a delivery of a single piece of equipment or requires multiple contractors to facilitate new electrical and plumbing, repair of existing walls, and local permitting, the team at 1st Choice has the experience to deliver.

Project Management
If you are simply refurbishing a serving line or completing a major kitchen renovation, our project management team is here to help. We work closely with you to review and plan every aspect of the project. Our staff takes care of the worrying for you and will maintain a consistent line of communication with your team to minimize problems and keep you up to date. By managing the relationship with contractors, suppliers and installers we can guarantee a successful project from start to finish.

Custom Fabrication Work
Sometimes you can’t order the exact piece of equipment you need. Your serving line might need new sneeze guards or maybe you need some stainless-steel trim after replacing an old piece of equipment. Our custom fabricators can refurbish a variety of materials and upgrade existing equipment. If you need a new beverage station or showcase piece for your wine bar our custom mill-work is the solution you need for quality, appearance, and functionality.