Convenient Stores

At 1st Choice Restaurant Equipment & Supply, we understand the kitchen inside your convenient store is unique to you. That’s why our all-inclusive, full-service business model is rooted in customization to fit your specific needs.

Since 2005, the 1st Choice Restaurant Equipment & Supply team has provided a wide range of high-quality services to businesses around the country. The unique nature of our business allows us to employ a remote team so that we can offer our services to convenience stores around the country while remaining based out of San Antonio, Texas. Give us a call today to learn more about the extensive services we offer.

Bringing Your Concept To Life

When building your store and constructing your kitchen, we will work with you to create a design, following your concept, that is fully functional for your needs. Our team will make sure your construction documents and paperwork are professionally drafted with the necessary requirements under state and local standards and restrictions. 

Our Around-the-World Network

We are proud to say there is no brand, make or model we don’t offer. Using our connections around the world allows us to reach out directly to equipment manufacturers and supply companies to get you exactly what you’re looking for – at the lowest possible cost.

We Understand the Convenient Store Kitchen Market

Having market specialists with experience and understanding in your industry is our way of guaranteeing you’re receiving the best possible logistical, technical and customer service. While working with you on your new construction or remodeling project, we are happy to provide professional suggestions so that you’re able to make informed decisions regarding your commercial kitchen.

Our Customer-First Approach

Our all-inclusive business model would be nothing without a solid foundation of customer service excellence. We are committed to providing you with services that exceed your expectations and clear communication that keeps you in the know throughout the completion of your project. If we anticipate anything that might affect the schedule of your project, we promise to notify you as soon as possible.

When your project is complete, we hope we’re your first choice for future commercial kitchen construction.

 At 1st Choice Restaurant Equipment & Supply, we are truly proud to work with a team that has a deep passion for what we do. It is our goal to have made you a customer for life by the time your project is complete. 

Give us a call to learn more about the extensive services we offer for convenient store owners or to speak with a representative regarding your upcoming project.

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Foodservice Equipment Specialist – City, County & State Government

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