Your serving line might be the single most expensive piece of equipment in your kitchen. Modern serving lines are a combination of hot food wells, cold food compartments, dry storage, cashier stations, and even cooking surfaces. Your serving line must endure daily abuse from both sides. When equipment stations start to fail or when menu changes force you to update you must make a decision of either replacing the entire serving or refurbishing your existing equipment.

• Upgrade Failing Equipment

• Dual Temp Food Wells

• Improve Energy Efficiency

• Refurbish Work Surfaces

• Improved Menu Flexibility

• Meet Current Health Codes

Many of the serving lines in use today are great base platforms that can be refurbished and upgraded. Replacement of aging equipment can improve it’s energy efficiency and meet current code compliance for hot and cold food storage. Our skilled craftsman can repair and refurbish all of the work surfaces and our custom fabricators can add new sneeze guards, tray slides, drawers and doors for storage.

When the time comes to purchase a new serving line the options are almost endless. Dual temperature food wells offer more menu flexibility and modular equipment can be reconfigured as needed. Modern serving lines can incorporate induction cooking areas for made to order items and merchandising options help speed up your service time.

If your serving line is starting to show some age then we would be happy to evaluate your existing equipment for refurbishment and design a new and modern serving line for your kitchen. We look forward to working with you.

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